Thursday, July 19, 2007

Red Letter Days in City of Bradford summer calender

University of Bradford Graduation dates are important not only for university staff and student,but also as major event in city summer calender.
three days 18,19 and 20 july 2007 when creme de la creme of academia, intelligencia and celebrity descend upon city of bradford to celebrate its academic excellence and achievements

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Happy Birthday University of Bradistan

Guest Post: Happy Birthday University of BradistanHappy 4oth Birthday to
University of Bradistan.It was here I supposed to learn on how to "make knowledge work" and yet I rebelled throughout the years. I skipped classes, final year papers and even my graduation day. Oh Blimey! I should gone to Tasmin Little Theatre instead of Chesham (former chemical engineering department) during that years.But thanks to that rebellious years, I am what I am now. Words of my former Professor the late Dr NS Tavare still lingers in mind." Go and find your calling young man. Don't be like me. I am stuck here."Ah! It reminds me now to contact Registry office to get back my old exams transcripts.
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